Here Come the 'Honey Boo Boo' Porn Parodies

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There are two Honey Boo Boo porn parodies in the works. That's right: a reality show about a six-year-old little girl, her three underage sisters, and their parents, is thought to be appropriate source material for a couple of hardcore adult films that are currently being developed.


The Anal Adventures of Honey Poo Poo XXX will be produced by X-Play, the company behind big porn parody "sitcums" like Not the Cosbys XXX, Not the Bradys XXX, and Not Three's Company XXX (all links NSFW). The announcement was made after it was reported earlier this week that "redneck-themed porn" has tripled in the past year.

"We're having fun with this fucked-up style of porn cinema, and Honey Boo Boo and her entire family fit wonderfully," says the director and X-Play co-owner Will Ryder. At least he's right about the "fucked-up" part.


The second project has a more obvious title: Here Cums Honey Poon Poon. After "Crazy" Tony Lindsey—a friend of Honey Boo Boo's family who has appeared on the show (most notably in the episode when he took the family dumpster diving)—learned that redneck porn was on the rise, he told TMZ that he would love to star in a film. So Los Angeles-based porn company Assence Productions made him an offer to film five scenes for the parody, and he could choose his own costars, because as producer Mike Kulich notes:

Really, any girl can be made up to look like a redneck. There is 'country porn,' where the girls wear flannel shirts and tight jean shorts, but 'hillbilly porn' is more comical, so I'd think you'd play up the bucktoothed angle.

However, Kulich would like to include Monica and Jessica Sexxxton, a mother/daughter porn duo, because "it fits the inbreeding stereotype." How a mother and daughter would actually breed, though, was not explained.

It's enough to make you puke up your Sketti. TLC has no comment on the porn parodies.


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What's next, a Grumpy Cat kitty porn?