What Did John Boehner Say to Provoke Michelle Obama's Epic Eye Roll? Some Theories

By now, most of the world has had the pleasure of seeing what will surely go down down as the most epic eye roll in world history. But what did John Boehner say to cause Michelle Obama to throw such record-breaking shade during the post-inauguration luncheon?


Here are some ideas:

  • "Why won't you two come over and try the tanning bed? It does wonders for the skin."
  • "I heard you guys are serving Cheeze-Its tonight. That's just a rumor, right?"
  • "Did you see George Stephanopoulos confuse Bill Russell and Morgan Freeman? I think it was an honest mistake."
  • "So, Mr. President, you like the bangs? They're cute, but I kind of prefer Michelle without them."
  • "Debbie wants bangs. But I won't let her have them. I like to see a woman's forehead."
  • "Malia had some good moves today. Was that hip hop?"
  • "Great speech. I mean, your daughter was falling asleep, but I thought you did an OK job."
  • "You weren't really serious about all that 'our gay brothers and sisters' stuff, were you?"
  • "Are any of your siblings actually gay?"
  • "Don't worry. I've got the Tea Party under control. They know who runs the GOP. They know who's boss. Yep. Totally."


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You know, after watching this again, it's entirely possible she was rolling her eyes at her husband (as I am VERY often prone to do). The Pres had just finished saying something and leaned back in his seat when she made the gesture. Disclaimer: I voted for Obama TWICE, thankyouverymuch.