Melissa McCarthy Tells Jon Stewart About Her First Time on Stage

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We already know Melissa McCarthy is incredibly funny and talented, but did you know she can also pull of a strong red lip? Of course she can, she's some sort of special. Let's all be best friends, OK?


This interview is great because Jon Stewart is laughing so hard he's crying. If she weren't already so famous, maybe he could try to snag her for the writer's room? BOOM. ROASTED. OR SOMETHING.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Something that's been bugging me about her new movie (or at least the promos for it)...

Did anyone else notice that there's a lot of physical "violence" against her? Like, I don't think it's a bad thing in and of itself, or that women are too delicate and extra-special to be involved in that kind of physical comedy, but for me it was kind of jarring because I don't really recall many instances where conventionally-attractive, thin women are on the receiving end of violence in a comedic way (especially when it's a man dishing it out), and it kind of feels like there's some sort of subtext of devaluing women who aren't thin.

Or maybe I'm just reading way, way into it.