Naomi Campbell Explains How The Face Will Be Different From ANTM, Which She's Never Seen

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When a TV show does really well, the copycats pop up. Just as Pop Idol/American Idol begat The Voice, so has Amerca's Next Top Model inspired The Face, which debuts next week. Tyra Banks turned ANTM into a global phenomenon: There are Top Model programs in 170 countries. So what does The Face have that ANTM doesn't? For starters, not one but three incredibly successful models star: Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha, and Karolina Kurkova. In an interview with Fashionista, Naomi explains that she is actually the OG:

Well first of all I am different, I'm before Tyra and I have a lot of respect for Tyra and what she's done with America's Next Top Model and what she's done for young women out there who want to be in the fashion industry. I don't like to compare anything that I do. I've not really watched [ANTM] but from what I know it's a different type of format.


And, kind of like The Voice, she and the other pros are mentors, not judges:

We're not judges. What it is, is the clients, the brands that we bring on–they decide, which is how it is in the real world of modeling. What attracted me was the mentoring side of it. I've been asked for many years to do television, but I didn't feel comfortable telling someone, you're not right, you're not this.

In addition, ANTM was about finding American women; The Face has contestants from Russia, Australia and China as well as San Francisco and The Bronx; the winner will be the face of Ulta, a cosmetics chain store with locations across the country.

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Naomi also seemed to point out that the winner will have a "real" "job" — perhaps she heard about how some of the ANTM winners (and runners-up) kind of disappear after they're named "top" model?

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I definitely think [the winner] will be seen; she will be known across America… She fits the criteria; she looks like a model; she is a model; she has that extra little something we talk to our girls about having to have.


Of course, on thing ANTM had going for it was that it aired on the CW, a channel people actually watch. I don't even know what channel Oxygen is on.

In other news, the ad for The Face has been so heavily Photoshopped it looks like everyone is made of marzipan.





I used to watch ANTM a lot, but I've realized that there are a lot of problems with the structure of the show, which is why you don't typically see the girls actually modeling.

1. They only do a ONE week teach of runway training. Runway is a huge market - a lot of models do it almost exclusively. ANTM makes them do one day of teaching and then a show where they're walking on water in front of judgey drag queens wearing face masks and 7 inch winged shoes and then yell at them for slipping.

2. The girls get sent out into the real modeling world with a so-so portfolio but facial recognition - and this isn't a good thing. A lot of designers don't want to hire them because you would see an ad and think "Oh that girl was on America's Next Top Model!" instead of looking at the whole image and the product they're selling. I was interning at a design house and Jaslene came in for a model casting. After she left, everyone was wondering why she looked so familiar and did they use her before and not like her? When I told them she'd been on the show, they decided not to use her.

3. They cast them for drama and excitement. It's good TV, but no one wants that in the industry! Or in pretty much any other industry, for that matter. I also think that any time the girls complain about their haircuts, AUTOMATIC ELIMINATION. Ain't nobody got time for that.

4. Modeling scouts are already amazing at what they do. When Jade said shit like "I'm the undiscovered supermodel!", that's not a thing. Gemma Ward was discovered at a model search, but she wasn't participating - she was there supporting friends, covered in mud from being on a farm. Behati Prinsloo is Namibian and was discovered when she was 16 on holiday in South Africa. When people talk about the feds being all Big Brother-y, I actually think that's how Ford Models operates.

5. They stay in swanky apartments and houses and ride pink limos everywhere! Modeling is not glamorous like that. Unless you're Naomi, of course.

I think I'll stop, even though I could go on. Clearly, no one ever taught me how to form an opinion...