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Adorable Kid Detective Agency Has the Best Flyer Ever

Illustration for article titled Adorable Kid Detective Agency Has the Best Flyer Ever

Get outta town with your old ass, Veronica Mars — Sweden's Blue Dragons detektivebyrå is a P.I. agency by a seven-year-old and a nine-year-old. This adorable crime-solving duo's rates start at $2.50 and can go as high as $12.50, depending on the difficulty of the case. It's a pretty good bargain, especially considering they're willing to work on credit.


Here's the translation:

If anyone has a mystery, call XXX or XXX to reach Blue Dragons detective agency.

We will decide on a place to meet and you will tell us the mystery. We aren't exactly "professionals" yet. You must know the scene of the crime and describe the case or what happened. The earliest you can call is March 23 and you cannot call at night. It costs 20 kronor ($2.50) for easy cases. Medium costs 50 kronor ($6.25). And if you have a really hard case it will cost 100 kronor ($12.50). If you don't have money with you, you can pay us the next day or whenever possible. When we meet somewhere you can tell us if it is easy, medium, or hard. Since you can't really know for sure, just give us your best guess. We who are doing this are 7-9 years old. P.S. But not all the time. We do have birthdays!


[via Tack Som Fan, hat tip/translation by Erika Larson, who would like everyone to know that she isn't a native Swedish speaker, so go easy on her/help us improve her translation. Also, "Tack Som Fan" loosely translates to "Thanks a Fucking Lot." UPDATE: Goat provided a more accurate translation for us — TEAM WORK!]

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