41-Year Old Dara Torres Aims To Be Oldest Female Swimmer In Olympic History

Dara Torres broke her first world record in swimming at age 14, back in 1982. In subsequent years, she's been in four Olympics, and she's looking to compete in her fifth this year in Beijing. The 41-year-old will be the oldest female swimmer to compete in the games, according to a profile of Torres in yesterday's New York Times magazine. Despite some surgeries and giving birth only two years ago to baby Tessa, Torres broke the American record last November for the 50-meter freestyle short course, swimming it in under 24 seconds. She's dealt with a college bout of bulimia ("The coaches routinely weighed all the swimmers, and if a swimmer didn’t make weight, he or she had to swim extra morning workouts," the Times reports) and "13 small surgical incisions on her knees, elbows, shoulders, hands and fingers," and yet she's still a fierce contender. A clip of Dara talking about her competitive spirit on this morning's Good Morning America, above.

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