4-Year-Old Ruins Babysitter's Plan to Blame Home Invasion on Black Guy

Four year-old Abby Dean from Washington, Wisconsin ruined a plan to falsely accuse her black next door neighbor of robbing her house last Wednesday.


On June 18th Abby and her babysitter were home alone when two men broke into the house stealing the family's iPod, Xbox and Wii consoles.

The 17 year-old sitter told the police that two armed black men had broken into the house and that one of them looked like the family's African-American neighbor, Cody Oaks. Soon after, police arrested Oaks and questioned him for hours. But it wasn't until Abby spoke up that they were able to solve the crime. Abby told the police that "It wasn't the right skin color," explaining that the invaders had been white, not black.

The sitter's story eventually fell apart and it was discovered that she had orchestrated the entire thing with her boyfriend and an accomplice committing the crime.

Oaks is justifiably angry over the incident that could have gotten him killed—police snipers were waiting on his front lawn before he was arrested.

Luckily Oaks didn't get hurt and the family was able to retrieve their belongings with Abby adding that, "They got them back because of me being a superhero." Abby Dean: Superhero and not here for your racist bullshit.



SNIPERS on his front lawn? For (what turned out to be false) alleged robbery? Jesus Christ.