Mario Philippona is a sculptor, who, according to InventorSpot, "loves the female form." This is why he creates shelves, tables and bookcases out of wood — but designed to look like ladies' legs or breasts. Philippona calls his pieces "erotica with a wink." Perhaps because the women have high heels, yet no heads? It's called objectification, dude. Which is dehumanization. Which, in this case, is sexist, not sexy. (Click for more pictures.) [InventorSpot]

Imagine walking into a guy's home and seeing this on the wall. Would you feel that he was a gentleman who cared about women, about their hopes and dreams?

What if you knew that there was booze inside?

This is a chair. Classy, huh?

This is a desk. Note that when you store your pencils you are stabbing this bisected woman in the uterus. Perhaps that's the point. Pun intended.

What's for dinner? Lemme guess: This dude likes eating out.