How quickly Stella McCartney moves! Just here in New York for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala on Monday evening, last night Stella made her way to the left coast, where she hosted a screening of the classic Peter Sellers comedy The Party at her Los Angeles boutique. And yes, rest assured, famous friends followed: Charlize Theron, Emmanuelle Chirqui, Mika, Rashida Jones, Rosanna Arquette, Amber Valletta, Angie Harmon, China Chow and others. The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly, as always, is right after the jump.

The Good:

Who are you, gorgeous Anita Briem? And where can I get your flawless Grecian goddess gown?

Did you really think that Charlize Theron and Stuart Townshend were going to look bad? Seriously.


Easy, breezy, beautiful dress on Emmanuelle Chirqui.


Mika. Stripes. It's a good thing.

I really wish that Rashida Jones's dress either had both its straps or was strapless, but her looks is still a great balance between lovely and casual.


Normally, I would find it disconcerting to see a woman like Rosanna Arquette in a dress that looks made for a little girl...but damn, she looks great. Even if she's doing the pee-pee stance.


Stella McCartney: Annie Hall 2.0

The Bad:

Amber Valetta fails to shine in awkwardly cut gold...lame?


Eliza Dushku's dress: the material looks a little Charlotte Russe and the fit looks a little inadequate .

Someone did not teach January Jones the cleavage-or-leg rule.

The Ugly:


No no no no no floral chiffon jumpsuits, Angie Harmon!

No no no no no teal tents, China Chow!

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