In case you need a refresher: Last night. Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute. Superhero theme. Every celebrity and fashion designer in the world. Some people looked Good, some people looked Ugly. But in between there were the Bad, which included Sarah Silverman, left, Beyonce, Blake Lively, Eva Amurri, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Connolly, Kristin Davis, Jennifer Lopez, Tamara Mellon, Mary J. Blige, and Kate Bosworth. All those and others, after the jump.

The Bad:

The feathers! The gloves! Serena would not approve, Blake Lively.

Yes, the dress is nice enough. But I just can't take seeing Beyonce in one more "Beyonce" dress. Does the girl know no other silhouettes?!

Why must you hurt your boobies and toes, Eva Amurri???

Too much and not in a good way, Longoria.

Apologies to Eva Mendes but I just hate that color.

I think Gisele looks a little more trashy than classy.

Could Ivanka Trump wear anything more boring? Make an effort, lady.

I want to love Jennifer Connolly's dress. But I can't.

Ack! Leaping diagonal tiers, Jennifer Lopez!

Kristin Davis is all washed out.

Liv Tyler is wearing a lurex garbage bag toga.

Why does Mary J. Blige look sorta rumpled?

I love classic black dresses, but Sarah Michelle Gellar is wearing the wrong look for this occasion.

Sarah Silverman looks like a cracked-out Amy Winehouse. Oh. Wait. Nevermind.

Thandie Newton would look great if only she ditched the duster.

Dylan Lauren is rocking the Del Boca Vista aesthetic.

Something about this dress makes Julia Roberts look matronly.

I don't know who Alice Braga is, but her dress is a little mother-of-the-bride.

Too much pink, Lara Spencer.

Piper Perabo? Or a lost little alien?

Tamara Mellon looks a little Vegas, if ya know what I mean.

I don't want to see Donna Karan's side-boob ever again.

Is Helena Christensen wearing some suburban teen's prom dress?

Good effort, Kate Bosworth, but... no.

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