We love MTV's The Paper, and its fearless editor-in-chief Amanda Lorber. FourFour's Rich Juzwiak (whom you may recognize as the hunky voice of reason from Pot Psychology) wrote a great post about Amanda that puts into words ‚ÄĒ much more eloquently than we ever could ‚ÄĒ just how wonderful The Paper really is. ("It's raw but it doesn't show bruises. It's harsh but it's not cruel. I can't think of a better medium to portray the all-too-real-but-still-not-quite-real world of high school than that of pseudo-reality television.") The best, though, is that Rich tipped us off to Amanda's YouTube page. The clip above is her interpretation of Mr. Roboto. Enjoy!

My New Favorite Show [FourFour]