Michelle Rodgriguez played a specially-trained cop in the movie S.W.A.T., but the real LAPD SWAT team is just now on the verge of accepting its first female member, NPR reports. The Special Weapons and Tactics unit was formed 40 years ago and has been all-male (and mostly white) ever since. (A woman named Nina Acosta tried out to become a SWAT officer twice in the 1990s and passed the grueling fitness tests but wasn't accepted into SWAT's training program. She successfully sued the LAPD for gender discrimination.) Now Jennifer Grasso, 36, has been admitted into the training program. If she survives the intense 12-week course, she will make history. Police Capt. Jeffrey Greer says Grasso is "an outstanding individual, and I think she has what it takes to get through that process." [NPR]