Saturday night in Los Angeles, GLAAD honored those in the media who are, um, gay or friends to the gay. Most importantly, however, some way cool peeps turned up to represent. Yes, it goes without saying that the adorable Ellen DeGeneres, left, and her hot stuff girlfriend Portia DeRossi were there, but so were TV stars Becki Newton, Candis Cayne, Billy Baldwin, Sally Field, Sarah Silverman and Sharon Lawrence, reality TV stars Rami Kashou, (Mr.) Jay Manuel, Jackie Warner, Kathy Griffin, and random awesome stars Cindy Crawford, Rufus Wainwright, and Janet Jackson. Yay! After the jump, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the GLAAD Media Awards.

The Good:

Becki Newton is wearing a beautiful dress in one of my favorite colors, bright yellow. So why the scowl?

Ah, if only Candis Cayne and Billy Baldwin were an actual couple. How glam they look a deux. [It's soooo hard to believe Candis was born a man! — Dodai]


Memo to Cindy Crawford: Always wear red. And accessorize with Rande Gerber.


Ellen DeGeneres: The Charlie Chaplin of our age?

Portia DeRossi borrows a page from Ellen's handbook and rocks the white pants.


Oh, Jackie Warner. Why must you always look so fierce? (And be such a bitch on Work Out?)

It's going to be hard for Jennifer Beals to do the bit with the chair in a ladylike evening gown like this.


Kathy Griffin looks good. She's also looking less and less like Kathy Griffin.


Dear Rufus Wainwright and Jorn Westfeldt: Please give me the clothes off your back. And sing Judy Garland songs for me.

Yeah, Sofia Veragara is going to need to strip down and give me her dress too. It's so effortless but luxe.


Catch your balance, Sally Field — you look lovely!

The Bad:


Miss Jackson If You're Nasty: Is that a jumpsuit I spy?

Jay Manuel, conquistador.


I'm sorry: Rami Kashou should have worn something draped.

The Ugly:


Love the dress, but loathe the shoes, Sarah Silverman.

So many bad ideas in one little outfit on one little Sharon Lawrence. Sigh.

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