Well, we've posted a couple of photo shoots from the April issue of French Vogue, but we haven't really discussed the cover story starring Kate Moss. The shoot, by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, is titled "Sur La Route," or "On The Road" and it's clearly inspired by the 1968 film Girl On A Motorcycle, starring Marianne Faithfull. A lovably weird, psychedelic romp, the plot involves Rebecca (Faithfull) receiving a motorcycle as a wedding present from her lover. Then she gets herself a leather jumpsuit and (wearing nothing underneath), leaves her husband and drives to see said lover, having crazy trippy daydreams as she rides. They say the flick inspired the more-famous Easy Rider, which came out the next year. In any case: Check out the sleazy trailer for the film and the Vogue shots of Kate Moss, after the jump.

"Now you know the thrill of wrapping your legs around a tornado of pounding pistons..."

Kate really has that whole '60s thing down. She does seem worried that there might be leeches in that water, though.

The heels! On those boots! Are crazytown! Also: French Vogue never misses a chance to promote smoking.

Seriously? No one should ever be seen in public in this outfit. No one. Not even Ms. Moss.

Raise your hand if you had shorts that were very similar to these when you were in first grade.

Crotch shot! Bet the husky-voiced tattooed chicks who hang at biker bars never knew they were so fashionable.

The girl just don't give a fuck.

Um, tie-dyed bell bottoms aren't coming back, are they? Anyone? Bueller?

I remember back in the day when Kate's Obsession ads hit and everyone was freaking out and shocked and OMG anorexic heroin chic and now she just seems so normal.

Spoiler alert! Here's how the movie ends:

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