Helen Hunt: She's not just Jaime Buchman, she's a very serious director. Hunt's latest fare is the adoption drama Then She Found Me which, a la Streisand, she doesn't just direct, but stars in as well. Last night's New York premiere featured the film's cast (Bette Midler, Salman Rushdie, Matthew Broderick) and their supporters, including Gloria Steinem, Heather Matarazzo, Bernadette Peters, Ricki Lake, Mamie Gummer and Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld. Random yes, but it made for some interesting fashion! As always, the full Good, Bad & Ugly after the jump.

The Good:

They don't call her The Divine Miss M for nothing.

Nom nom Colin Firth and the pretty lady on his arm.

Good for Heather Matarazzo and her girlfriend for keeping it simple.

Words I never thought I would say: Kelly Killoren Bensimon looks fresh, sophisticated, and classic in her exaggerated shirting dress. This is by far one of the best looks of the night: So effortless.

Also, I love Olivia Palmero taking boho chic (a heinous phrase, I know) to the max.

I have no idea if daughter-of-Meryl Mamie Gummer can act, but I totally love how she dresses. In short black she remains cute and sweet.

Sure both Kathy Najimy and Gloria Steinem have been sporting the same look, respectively, for like the past 15 years now — but I wouldn't mind aging like Steinem and stealing her outfit when I do.

Jesus, even Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick turned up looking kicky last night.

Go for the gold, Helen Hunt.

The Bad:

Bernadette Peters is inching dangerously close to pathetic old cat lady in this outfit.

Aw, it's Magda (aka Lynn Cohen)! Only, she looks like she stepped out of a time machine that just returned from 1988.

No Ricki, no Ricki, no!

Ew: It's Jessica Seinfeld. (Oh and also that rich famous dude she married.)

The Ugly:

And today Irina Pantaeva shows up dressed like a ladybug.

[Images via FilmMagic.]