As I've said before, adopting a pet is perhaps the most masochistic thing we humans can do to ourselves. We develop affection, friendship, and unconditional love for our companion animals, all with the knowledge that we will be completely bereft and broken-hearted when we (inevitably) outlive them. But the upside of that total buzzkill (sorry) is that those of us who grew up alongside animals are lucky to have experienced those emotions; through them, we were given the tools to cope with love and loss, specifically, the ability to understand that just because loved ones are out of our lives, the impacts they made remain. So it goes with this month's Past Fashion feature, which focuses on pictures of Jezebel readers and their childhood pets and is jam-packed with warm, fuzzy feelings. (Someone had a kitten named Jezebel! Some of you had farm animals! One girl was lucky enough to have a monkey!) A gallery of the kids and their cute critters, after the jump.

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