Last night, Conde Nast Traveler hosted a party to celebrate its 8th annual "Hot List" and the maybe-pregnant Ashlee Simpson, left, was there looking pretty as can be. (And not really pregnant at all.) Also there: Adrien Brody, who remains lovable despite the fact that he oozes douchiness. Lastly: Has anyone ever seen Jaslene Gonzalez show up somewhere and not think to themselves: What the fuck were you thinking, Tyra Banks?! The full Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Conde Nast Traveler 8th Annual Hot List party, after the jump.

The Good:

Delta Goodrem: Yet another example of the right way to wear white. Bridal designers, take note.

Adrien Brody looks sweet and tame with Elsa Pataky on his arm.

Despite the fact that I really should know better, I do love Alan Cumming.

Ashlee Simpson doesn't look preggers to me.

I don't know who Gisele Mercedes is, but I like her look.

The Bad:

And in the category of "C'mon, you could've done better" we have Cheryl "Salt" James, sporting Lohan-esque leggings...

...and Kim Raver, whose dress is both a little Juniors and a little dowdy.

I can't explain what it is that doesn't sit right with me about Katie Lee Joel, other than the fact that every night she crawls into bed with Billy Joel and lets him lie on top of her.

The Ugly:

Jaslene Gonzalez shall forever be a pox upon Tyra Banks. This woman is so not America's Next Top Model.

[Images via FilmMagic.]