Rape is back in the news. You can now officially withdaw consent during sex in Maryland and if he keeps doing it anyway you can call it rape. This is very good news for girls who get drugged, and because they don't remember how they got there in the first place, can't provide the best testimony and get their cases dropped by the D.A. But it's also good news for anyone who drinks, a fact I was reminded of by a recent scandal over a British politico who wrote on his blog that the rape of a husband by a wife was akin to force-feeding her chocolate cake. (There's a photo of this guy after the jump!)


I have, for whatever reason, been pawed and groped and molested and yeah, date raped more often than the average alcohol-abusing girl. I am also somebody who, because I despise "dating", tends to endure epic famines of no sex or physical intimacy at all. And so there have been times when I have found myself, in a semi-conscious drunkorexic fog, being somehow violated by a stranger and probably enjoying it. (If only I hadn't been too drunk to remember, right?) Anyway, maybe whatever dude got it in his head to violate me somehow knew I was starving for sexual contact and figured he would help me out. After all, there's a level of drunkenness at which even the most die-hard anorexic can't turn down fries; perhaps men assume the same goes for them. Maybe that's how some dudes think about these things. I'm glad dudes aren't the only ones making laws anymore.

Maryland's Highest Court Rules Women Can Withdraw Consent [The News Journal]