Dude, Lauren is no bullshit. She really is just as tough as her leather jacket exterior. When she cut off the tip of her thumb making latkes on last night's episode, she didn't even cry. You'd think she was grimacing, but that was actually the tough-girl face she's normally making. Anyway, when she told the woman from Entertainment Tonight on the green carpet that she should be America's Next Top Model because she could "kick the shit out of any of these girls," she was dead serious — and dead on. And speaking of the green carpet, isn't it hilarious that Anya won another challenge where the reward was for her to pose naked? And only a week after the PTC filed an indecency complaintwith the FCC about her last nude shoot on the show! It was nice that she got a check for $10,000 from 7Up as well. (Tyra's been pretty stingy with the rewards in the past few cycles.) Clip above.

Did anyone else notice that giant mass growing off TyTy's face? I really thought she'd gotten a monroe for a minute there.