I might be from the South, but I know jack about country music. Which is why I think I was doubly amused by the Country Music Awards, which took place in Nashville last night: People wore cowboy hats! In earnest! But the happenings were made all the more interesting because 1) Nicole Kidman was there, and 2) a sampling of random celebs, including Maureen McCormick, Paula Abdul, Miley Cyrus, Jewel, and Crystal Gale. (Faith Hill was on hand as well, and looked terrifying.) The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Country Music Awards, after the jump.

The Good:

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban = hot shit.

Carrie Underwood's dress is not bad, but a little boring.


Is it wrong that I have two American Idol alums in a row in the "Good" category? Mazel tov, Diana diGarmo.



LeAnn Rimes: You look good.

When did Marcia Brady become a MILF?


I love Miley Cyrus' dress, but I think she is way too young to be wearing it.

The Bad:


Aimee Mayo's name makes me giggle; her outfit makes me frown.

Ditto for "Big Kenny" and "Christiev".


When I was 5, I loved Crystal Gale.

Sara Evans scores a double "oy".


Laura Bell Bundy is starring in Legally Blonde: The Musical. Elle Woods wouldn't be caught dead in this dress.

Paula Abdul: Now starring in Kiss of the Spider Woman?

The Ugly:


Why is Faith HIll dressed as Stevie Nicks?

Did Naomi Judd borrow George Clooney's girlfriend's Oscar dress?

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