Ashton Kutcher, arguably the most famous cougar prey in the entire world, hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and so it followed that the SNL writing staff would pen a skit about a faux talk show called "the Cougar Den." Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig and Casey Wilson played the hosts, but midway through the sketch they announced a special guest cougar. Since Ashton was the host and Demi Moore appeared during his opening monologue, we assumed that Demi was the special guest. But we were wrong! The special guest was Cameron Diaz, who dons some fake boobs, butt and an even faker though quite endearing "Latin" accent. Why didn't Demi โ€” who has been referred to as a "cougar" since at least January 2004 โ€” appear during the skit? Was she embarrassed about being the poster child for MILFS everywhere?