Elizabeth Wurtzel, author, rabblerouser, and law school student, has given an audio interview in which she talks about 9/11 ("I did think Iraq had attacked us"), substance use (she drinks wine but is off the Ritalin), television shows (Lost), books (If I Did It), the Hollywood studio system, and of course, Hillary Clinton, and feminism. "I think she's an evil genius," Wurtzel, an Obama supporter, says after being prompted by her interviewer, Mark Oppenheimer. "I was really against her at one point because i thought she did everything the wrong way: she used her husband's office instead of just making it on her own;she did all the things that feminism says you shouldn't do. But then I realized that she was kind of a feminist subversive...she just played it all ways... I have to hand it to her it's worked for her." [New Haven Independent]