Ah, to be a fashion editor at Marie Claire! The photo shoots! So global! Recently, they've been in Bhutan, Italy, and, um, a trailer park. For the April issue, the magazine booked a trip to Vietnam, to shoot spring neutrals. The photographs, by Richard Mazzucco, are absolutely gorgeous, but just a wee bit somber. Well, it is Vietnam, right? On the one hand, arranging a photo shoot there means bringing money into the economy. On the other hand, the average yearly per capita income (around $726) is less than a Donna Karan skirt. Why did the editors pick this location for a shoot? "The simple grandeur of Vietnam's Ha Long Bay seems a fitting backdrop to fashion's elegant minimalism: soft-edge architectural shapes in textured silks and barely there colors. Very zen." Dreamy images of rocks, water and a $1,900 skirt, after the jump.

See those flyaways? Someone needs Frizz-Ease. Dress, $818, Lorena Calma.

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.
Vest, $338, top, $208, skirt, $218, BCBG MaxAzria Runway; belt, $178, BCBG MaxAzria.

Dress, $2,460, Bottega Veneta. Flight from New York City to Ho Chi Min City via Kayak.com, $1,172.

Someone's got her eye on that bicycle, because someone's shoes hurt so bad she needs to sit down. Also, someone wishes this shoot were on the beach in Thailand instead.

If you look very very very closely you can see the aforementioned Donna Karan Collection skirt, a bargain at $1,895. The top is $595, the belt is $695, also from Donna Karan collection. You can get a custom-made silk dress in Saigon for around $65.

Spring has sprung, why are you so glum? Depressing. Beautiful, but depressing.

"This Zac Posen dress is price upon request, which means you can't afford it," she whispered, as she contemplated plunging into the unforgiving waves.

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