Henry Holland, left, is a young English designer. He is also the best friend of model Agyness Deyn, whom he calls his muse. This should be all the information you need to start forming really dark, twisted and judgmental thoughts about the people who attended the party Holland hosted for himself in London last night. The Good? Ha! The Bad? They wish! The Ugly? Oh yessssss. It's all there, after the jump.

The Ugly!

Go back to the Magic Kingdom, Bethan Lauren Wood.

Bishi couldn't decide whether to wear pink tights or black tights, so she wore one pair on her legs and one pair on her arms.


Thanks a lot, David Saunders, for triggering my vertigo. Asshole.


Not gonna lie: Based on looks alone, I think that Gary Card is the kind of person I would like to have a flute of champagne with.

I don't know you, Jimmy de Paris, but I think I should.


Why such a sour puss, Louise Gray? Oh wait, it's probably because your outfit is making the other guests cry.

Pixie Geldof needs to pee really badly.


Who is this Toululu Deyami lady? Because she could so outwalk any of the contestants on America's Next Top Model this season.

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