"Why is today called 'Good Friday?'" Anna IM-ed me wanting to know. Because Jesus was crucified on the cross duh! I replied. But what, she wanted to know, is so good about that? "Because we're Catholics and we LOVE SUFFERING / GUILT / SELF-FLAGELLATION / ETC," I replied, and she dropped the subject. In truth, I think it's good because he died to save us from the original sin committed in the Garden of Eden, and in this very special instance, 2 wrongs did actually turn out to = a right! Anna wasn't persuaded. I thought some more. Perhaps Good Friday was good because being nailed to a cross and dying before you have the chance to get old and wrinkly and senile and get your entire legacy of good corrupted when the world finds out you like to fuck whores is a pretty good way to go. Whatever. At any rate, this was an unusually good Friday because I got to look through some of your most cherished Easter Photos, thanks to some dedicated Flickr gallery drudgery on the part of Maria, and remember a time when red tights and saddle shoes and lace stockings and pairing different shades of pink and showing off my ruffly underwear seemed like a good idea, and I had parents on hand to ask questions like "why is it called 'Good Friday?" Please tour the gallery if only to see feminazi bonerkiller supreme SarahMC like you've never imagined. Oh, and lots of bunny ears. All of it after the jump.

I slaved away to add captions to a lot of them, and I'm adding more as we speak, because it's more fun than writing my next post, so CLICK AWAY.

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