Adrian Grenier is a feminist! We know because he says so! In an interview with Guardian, a reporter asks, "What do you think of the portrayal of women [on Entourage]? Replies Adrian: "I'm a feminist, so if there was anything that was untrue I would be on it. But you should see some of the girls out in LA. Entourage is remarkably honest. I don't think it pulls its punches, let's say. There are a wide range of different types of women characters. It's not just the superficial bimbo, although we do have a coupleof them: that's part of what the LA experience is. But then you have strong characters like Carla Gugino, who plays Amanda - she's smart, and strong, and a great actress - those are the women that stand out to me, the rest are superficial backdrop." Later, he adds: "I grew up in New York, Manhattan. I was an only child, my mother was a single mom. I had lots of love. The most important parenting trait is to have a lot of love." [Guardian]