Rita Mae Brown, the incredibly prolific writer who used to date Martina Navratilova, has just written a book about a mystery solving cat called The Purrfect Mystery. In a Q&A with Time, she talks about why she has a cat hero in her book (she likes animals "more than people.") and she dishes the dirt about her breakup with Martina: "We fell out over her divorce with Judy Nelson, and it was an extremely foolish and ugly affair on both of their parts. I was the middleman, and whenever you're the middleman you lose both. But you know what? I think I solved the problem, which is I kept them out of court. I mean, I'm sure their lawyers deserve some credit. Judy sued her for support, and wanted some astronomical sum. And I believed that she was part of her success. She was the person who organized, scheduled, made sure she ate right, etc., etc. What wives do. And Martina — when she is done with you, is emphatically done. She couldn't care less about you." [Time]