After the San Diego Union-Tribune had to apologize to its readers for a derisive remark made about Natalie Portman's lack of cleavage in a male-written review of The Other Boleyn Girl, Entertainment Weekly's "Pop Watch" column ponders the question, do we need more women move critics? Writer Gary Susman says: not exactly! He appreciates a female point of view but thinks that male critics should also "recognize the way the camera often objectifies women." Susman thinks that there should be more movie critics, period. "I've been writing for some time in this space about... the campaign by many publications to fire their local critics and build their coverage from syndicated reviews...The ongoing conversation about film isn't served by having only a handful of critical voices who are unaccountable to moviegoers. Among critics, there should be a diversity of gender (and ethnicity, and sexual orientation, etc.), but right now, I'd be happy to see some geographical diversity." [EW]