The fifth installment of the Kate Moss collection for Topshop is being pretty universally recognized as... an utter disaster. Writes the paper we love to hate, the Daily Mail, writes, "What a difference a year makes." Ahtough a year ago customers were banging down the doors to get their grubby pawn on Kate garb, now, most could care less. Why? For starters, the stuff is ugly. Like, really ugly. After the jump, the dresses from this season's collection, for your review.

L to R: 1) Isn't this the smock Cinderella used to clean up before the fashion intervention happened? 2) Um, hello Grandma! 3) I can just feel the fabric deteriorating.

L to R: 1) Was this one of Keri Russell's costumes in Waitress? 2) Unflattering waist and see though! Fun! 3) For when you bring your maid with you to Ibiza.


L to R: 1) Kate Moss for Topshop: The poor man's American Apparel. 2) This is the ugliest thing I think I have ever seen. 3) A favorite of the ladies of the Emperor's Club.


L to R: 1) So very slutty tween. 2) Good to mop the floors with. 3) So very WTF?!

L to R: 1) For a funeral. 2) For a lounge singer. 3) For a flamenco dancer.

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