After today's announcement that that Heather Mills will receive a £24.3 million divorce settlement from Paul McCartney, Mills took to the courthouse steps to launch a tirade against Sir Paul and the entire legal system. "What the judge has said is that Paul is only worth £400 million. Everyone knows that he has been worth £800 million for the past 15 years," Mills complained. "Paul has always wanted [the details of this case] public because he wants to look like generous Sir Paul." • Minnie Driver says she's taking the summer off to enjoy her pregnancy. "I'm just be fat and happy." • Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner hosted a fundraiser for Obama in Boston yesterday. Affleck called Barack "a genuine, real force," but added "I'm an actor. I'm not going to create 10-point policy details of why [I support Obama]." [Daily Mail, People, Us]