Nicky Hilton is one of our favorite not-a-fashion-designer-fashion-designers. Because she doesn't even have any real claim to fame other than being Paris' sister. (Even Lauren Conrad talked her way into a lucrative reality TV deal.) Yet the girl keeps on trying, telling herself she actually has a "career." Her fall collection for Nicholai by Nicky Hilton, which just showed at Los Angeles Fashion Week, is 1) better than a lot of the shit we've seen from LA Fashion Week and yet 2) seems to be a blatant rip-off of the equestrian looks that dominated several seasons ago and the current obsession with those American Apparel faux-leather leggings. The combination of these two? Baffling. Select looks from the Fall/Winter 2008 Nicholai collection for your review, after the jump.


1. Patent red plus a pussy bow? Some how filthy. Try not to think about it. 2. For when the sales girls at Ralph Lauren have been naughty? 3. Why be a jockey if you can be a stripper?

1.Unflattering in so many different ways. 2.This sweater gives the poor girl football player shoulders. 3. This look really makes no sense.


1. A dress to make my vertigo worse. 2.Houndstooth and pleather: unfortunate bedfellows. 3.Prim, proper, and so not Hilton.

[Runway images via AP; Hilton image via Splash.]