I don't know who Lil Boosie or Webbie or whoever this is but just now I needed a post and my friend Gabe sent me the video to his latest masterpiece, "Independent," a tribute to the self-reliant two job-working pedicured black woman. In the video, she becomes president after some ugly white guy is impeached. If commercial hip-hop anthems extolling the virtues of hard work and material wealth aren't your thing, Gabe also has a story for you about Luna's Dean Wareham, who just wrote a book that is "a kind of lament on the more mundane realities most career musicians face, as well as the empty indirection of a life spent touring the world, bouncing from city to city, and coming home without even having made much money." It's up to you guys! Just one more day left until you...get to sleep through your hangover for two days before the whole soul-deadening cycle starts all over again.