We were slow on the uptake, but we wanted to be sure to call out a fascinating obit that ran in the New York Times on Tuesday: Pearl Cornioley, who died in late February at the age of 93, was a top resistance fighter for the British and French during World War II and is believed to have been the inspiration for the book and subsequent movie Charlotte Grey. She "was 29 when she was sent to France in 1943, commanded troops who killed 1,000 German soldiers and wounded many more — while suffering only a tiny number of casualties themselves. She presided over the surrender of 18,000 German troops" and frequently "carr[ied] a case of cosmetics to pose as a traveling saleswoman" to avoid suspicion. When she was offered by the Queen to be made a civil, as opposed to military, Member of the British Empire, Cornioley turned down the offer, explaining via letter that her actions during World War II were anything but "civil." [NYT]