In Japan, the Gothic Lolita trend is pretty huge. In fact, they have a magazine dedicated to the darkly cute (or is it cutely dark?) fashion fad, called Gothic & Lolita. This special issue, the Gothic & Lolita Bible, has everything you need to perfect your look — freaky contact lenses, skirts with stiff crinolines, babydoll shoes and parasols. Step into a world where dark meets light and women are playthings, after the jump.

This little "Lolita" is terrifying, yet sweet. Blue contacts? Check. Orangey-yellow hair? Check. Childlike innocence? Sure.

This is the "gothic" look, obviously. The point is to resemble the doll — right down to the contact lenses!

Here are some contact lens options. The bat design seems perfect for making your parents sigh, "I just don't understand."

The kids hit the street dressed to kill play.

Don't you applaud their ability to commit? Aren't you amazed by the time and effort they put in to getting dressed? I feel really really lazy in comparison. I am wearing elastic-waist track pants.

What, what??????

Imagine a conversation that goes like this: "Honey, I bought you some pants with a ruffled loin cloth attached." "Aw, sweetie, you're the best."

LOL at his pant cuffs.

At least he has the decency to look embarrassed about those shoes.

I could maybe get behind the dresses, and possibly consider the tights, but honestly? They lost me at the bonnets.

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