High School Confidential, the multi-episode documentary following the lives of twelve girls attending Northwest High School in Overland Park, Kansas, premiered yesterday evening, and while it aimed for gritty realism, it mostly captured mundanity, though there were a few bright spots. Last night's episode focused on two girls, Lauren — a button-cute dancer who handles the news of her brain tumor with an almost stoned serenity — and Cappie. Cappie is the daughter of a single mother who worries about her daughter's falling grades and increased partying. In the clip above, Cappie's mom wonders what her girl is doing hanging around with so many boys. "When I was in high school, [the] girls who only had boys...came across to me as well, a little loose," Cappie's mom says, uneasily. "I want to believe that...yeah, I don't want to go here."

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