Okay kids, we've got another clip from the Today Show featuring more critique of New York governor Eliot Spitzer's indiscretions. This one features Dina Matos, the aggrieved former first lady from New Jersey whose onetime hubby famously cheated on her with another man. Ms. Matos was thoughtful and sensitive during her interview with Today's Matt Lauer, but we can't say the same for the show itself. First off: What was up with the show's split-screen of footage of Ms. Matos and her ex-husband during his public declaration of infidelity, and that of Governor Spitzer and his wife Silda? (Tasteful blue suits on the women! Red striped ties on the men!) It was creepy and unnecessary. Secondly: What the fuck is Matt Lauer talking about? As explanation as to why Silda Wall Spitzer stood by her man, he said, "Some of these political spouses create their own identity based on their spouse's identity...and perhaps they're worried that if they don't stand by that person at that time they somehow lose their own identity." You sort it out. Clip above.

Why Wives Stand By Scandal-Stained Husbands [MSNBC]