An unfortunate side-effect of working for Jezebel (besides the carpal tunnel, that is) is that we acquire enough issues of Cosmo to fill the waiting room of a third-rate day spa. But, while organizing my collection of ladymags, I noticed an image forming on the spine of my Cosmos. The picture is the bottom half of a man lying playfully on a bed, without his shirt (because they don't have enough half-naked men in the magazine to begin with!). Dodai wonders if anyone other than us (and beauty salons) are keeping the issues around long enough to see the image form. Tracie asks if the picture was of someone famous (perhaps "Fun, Fearless Male" John Mayer?). What do you think, European model or mildly famous male celebrity? Stock photo from the late '90s or Chad Michael Murray (he's still a thing, right) or both? Click on the photo to see a larger version.