Karen Crouse, a sportswriter who covers the NFL for the New York Times, gave an interview this week to sports blog The Big Lead. In it, she discusses her work history, her days as a college athlete, and most notably, her experiences as one of the few women in the extremely male-dominated field of sports journalism. "The players were my salvation. They treated me with kindness and respect," Crouse said. It was her fellow journalists who jabbed her with sexist digs because she often writes about the emotional aspects of the players lives. "It has gotten back to me that some of my esteemed colleagues on the Jets beat referred to my writing as the 'Lifetime Channel' coverage, the 'Oprah treatment,' and such," Crouse told The Big Lead. "To which I can only say, Thank-you and God bless." Also noted, the charming commenters at the Big Lead who began making rude remarks about Karen's looks moments after the interview was posted. Good job sports fans! [The Big Lead via Choire Sicha]