It wasn't so shocking to find out on last night's Top Model that Allison has body image issues and once struggled with anorexia. It was shocking, though, to find out that she is pretty racist. For example, saying, "You take it in the back because you're black" to Fatima was totally ridiculous. (Especially because Fatima probably takes it in the back because the front is sewn up. Awww snap! Sorry, that was mean.) More after the jump!

Personally, I thought the makeovers this cycle were some of the worst yet. A couple of the girls came out looking great, but in some instances, it was really cruel. Here are the culprits:

And how could I resist this:

When I saw Stacey Ann's hair, all I could think about was Bill Murray's secretary in Scrooged.

And I don't know what Anya could be compared to, exactly, but whatever it is, it's sensitive to the sun, so it creeps around at night and probably collects the souls of little children.

But she did have an awesome photo.

OK, can we just talk about Dominique's confidence for a minute?

She knows this is a modeling competition, right?

She looks like a soccer mom on the sidelines rooting for her kid:

Here's another example of Tyra's cruelty:

Bitch had the airbrushers spend all the time on her.