Ginger and Robbi Howard, 13 and 12, respectively, are being groomed by their dad to be the Williams sisters of golf. Robert Howard introduced them to the sport in preschool one day when his wife asked him to baby-sit. "I had a video camera, and I filmed the girls so [their mother] would know I did something productive with them." They were good! Now Robert oversees their "Journey" to greatness, driving them to far-flung tournaments, chronicling their every triumph on a website, and attempting above all else to shelter them from the poisonous effects of non-Nickelodeon television programming. He would like to attract the rapper 50 Cent to be a benefactor of sorts. And while he is relentlessly positive, he does worry they won't grow tall enough to be competitive — both are hovering around 5 feet tall — though he notes with satisfaction that their feet are approaching a size ten. [NY Times]