This Funny or Die video called "Women's History: Presented by Porn Stars" features famous porn stars reading cue-cards about pivotal events like Seneca Falls and the publishing of Betty Friedan's the Feminine Mystique, which adult film vet Nicki Rhodes declares "the best book ever." Unremarkable yes, but the ending is unbearable: photos of women like Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton alternated with women like Jenna Jameson. The filmmaker also includes Zoey Zane in his montage (Zane is the 18-year-old who posted nude pictures of herself online and was murdered late last year) and Diablo Cody. There's so much wrong with this video: the implication that porn stars are stupid; using a dead woman to make a tasteless joke; relying on that played-out Diablo Cody commentary. Funny or die? We say die. [Funny or Die]