So much happened on last night's episode of ANTM, but the best part was Paulina Porizkova. How did we not know she was this awesome!? She totally has the bite of Janice, but without the slurred, nonsensical bark. (Although, we do love Janice just the way she is.) The other awesome thing about the episode was Kimberly: At least she had the good sense to realize early on that this whole thing isn't for her. (In actuality, her choosing to leave probably had a lot more to do with the fact that she couldn't handle the criticism of her personality, clothes and facial expression, which Miss J. likened to a smushed up snot rag). But the look on everyone's faces, and the collective sharp gasp, when she said that she wasn't into fashion was priceless. Let's discuss more after the jump.

OK, there are just a few more things we need to talk about. Like the fact the portraits of Top Models past.

We have Eva and Yoanna:





Absent are Adrianne (natch), Saleisha (who, as the reigning Top Model, might have a different place in the house we just haven't seen yet), and Naima. So what the hell happened to Naima? Even Robin from Cycle 1 made it into the house and she wasn't even in the top three.

Also, what's with the one giant bed that a bunch of the girls have to share? Is Tyra trying to make them into lezebels?

That's unnecessary, considering she has Marvita there to do that.

Guess who called first dibs on the big bed.

Okay, but for real, how fucking great is Paulina? She's loving it just as much as we are.

She's gorgeous and it doesn't seem like she's had any kind of cosmetic surgery or Botox. The woman is expressive.

Now I'm about to be a lezebel. Serious girl crush!