36 Straight Hours Of Sex (And The City), Day Three

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Carrie to Aidan: "And I'm sure you have your bad traits." Well, yes. Like his HIPPIE SHIRTS. And his MAN-NECKLACE. And his POTBELLY. Aidan is the worst.

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@tell Dolly Parton again:

You see Aiden & the baby in the beginning of Carrie's Berger Days where they have a bad date and they make plans to meet up for a movie or something. Before she meets up with Berger she runs into Aiden and he's got a baby in a Baby Bjorn and after their greetings he goes "I have a baby" because she's staring at it and Carrie goes "I have a DATE!" and Aiden looks at her like she's completely insane. Or something. But he then says something about how his wife is in the store so you get the idea that he's living happily ever after hand-crafting baby cribs out of tree branches while Carrie is being dumped via post-it.