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36 Straight Hours Of Sex (And The City)

Illustration for article titled 36 Straight Hours Of Sex (And The City)

Remember when Justin Theroux, as a bechokered character named 'Jared' (totally different from the later character he played named "Vaughn Wysel"!) announced that he was on the cover of New York magazine's '30 Coolest People Under 30' issue? Haha, what if New York magazine really had a '30 Coolest People Under 30' Issue?


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And, by the way, 36 hours of SATC? In December I did 7 series of 22 episodes each of the West Wing (too tired to do the math how many hours that is). Just to get in the mood for the primaries & election. Eerily how forseeing that series was actually, w/ charismatic colored candidate and everything. I still miss Joss Lymon and CJ like mad though.