You know what they say about morticians: they see a lot of death! A mortician in China during the sixties and seventies has also seen: angry mobs loot his crematorium and use the furnace to melt steel as per Mao's innovative prescription for a Great Leap Forward, the corpses of people who'd resorted to eating the thighs and buttocks of other with humans during the famine came as a side effect to that particular prescription — they didn't actually eat them for food, but to cope with the constipation caused by all the clay and grass they were eating — and countless bodies beaten to death by Red Guards amid the violent frenzy of the Cultural Revolution..."You just become too desensitized to feel anything," says Zhang Daoling in a new book called The Corpse Walker: Real-Life Stories, China From The Bottom Up excerpted in this month's Harper's readings. But even a hardened, battle-weary connoisseur of corpse like Zhang has to cry sometimes. You will too! Click the tag for a moving passage on the healing power of French mascara.