Woody Allen may be obsessed with muse Scarlett Johansson, but we're thinking that maybe she isn't nearly as interested in him. Despite the fact that the two have worked on three films together in a few short years, Scar Jo doesn't seem to know even the most basic, well-documented information about the filmmaker. Case in point: This morning on Live With Regis and Kelly, Kelly Ripa asks Scarlett about Woody's love of tuna fish. Scarlett seems really confused and says, "No, he doesn't like." But, um, in Barbara Kopple's 1998 documentary Wild Man Blues we learned that Woody has eaten a tuna salad sandwich for lunch everyday since 1963 (the factoid also appears in Marion Meade's 2008 biography The Unruly Life of Woody Allen). Whatevs, we're sure Woody will keep hiring her no matter what. Clip above.