A longer version of the Sex and the City trailer has been released, and it's much more "informative" than the last trailer, which was basically just a series of seizure-inducing, rapid-flashing images. In the newer version, we find out Big's full name (John James Preston), that he leaves Carrie at the altar, that Charlotte has a little Asian daughter but then becomes pregnant, and that Steve possibly cheated on Miranda (just one time!). But, like Carrie says, "Life doesn't always turn out to be a fantasy. That's why you need friendships that are real to get you through it all." Uh, I don't know about anyone else, but a closet full of designer shoes bought with a freelance writer's income in NYC is so fantastical that Carrie may as well have a unicorn coming out of her ass. (Actually, knowing Patricia Field, that could very well work its way into the costume design.) Clip above, and after the jump, a breakdown of clues to some other plot points.

So, right here, Chris Noth is certainly wearing bronzer, but has he also gotten work done?

He looks like Tony Curtis!


Carrie was supposed to get married in the New York Public Library.

Charlotte's little girl gets bonus points for being unimpressed/annoyed with Carrie.


Do the girls go on Carrie's honeymoon with her?


OK, the pubic hair discussion was pretty great though. And Samantha's face was priceless.

And yay for Smith Jarrod!


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