Today's New York Times reports that one of the fastest rising "beauty trends" among the East Coast elite is not washing one's hair, or, at the very least, washing it infrequently (as was the norm in the earlier part of the 20th century.) Says one Bumble & Bumble stylist: "A lot of cute younger girls want something fun but stylish, so they get a kind of beehive that they then milk for as long as they can. From that, they take it out and it's sort of textured and messy and it has good wave and body from all the back-combing that was done. It's so many hairstyles in one." (Is Amy Winehouse to blame?)

The "trend" has extended all the way to the southern hemisphere: Sydney radio host Richard Glover is encouraging his listeners to give up any sorta cleansing when it comes to their heads. 86% of people who have participated in the experiment claim that their hair looks the same, if not better, than when they regularly wash it. Says Glover: "We're tired of feeling like cogs in the machinery of consumption. There's this feeling of liberation to be able to say no to an entire aisle of the supermarket."


Of Course I Washed My Hair Last Year (I'm Almost Certain) [NY Times]
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