"Now That You're Gone" is the name of a song on Sheryl Crow's newest album. It's about a guy. Nearly a year following their last confrontation, she confesses to "shaking even talking about it again," according to the latest Rolling Stone. "I feel like I got his stink on me." Oooooooh, who's it about? Not telling till you click the pic!

Ha ha! Not Lance! It's about Karl Rove. Remember their creepy confrontation at last year's White House Correspondents Dinner? I'd totally forgotten about it. But Sheryl sure hasn't! Her latest album, Detours, also includes a song for the Chief Turd's old boss inspired by the Valerie Plame thing! She calls the album "urgent, in-your-face, barf-it-out-onto-a-page." It's her first collaboration with producer Bill Bottrell since Tuesday Night Music Club, which featured the last Sheryl Crow song I didn't feel slightly guilty for liking. (The last Sheryl Crow song I do feel guilty for liking: My Favorite Mistake.)