Thanks, Babble, for pointing out Cookie mag's new socialite/mommy column by Tatiana Boncompagni Hoover, the daughter of an Italian Princess and wife of a vacuum cleaner scion. Tatty wants us to know that her glamorous life is not all "blowouts and red carpets. Like most moms, I wake up in the predawn hours to give my daughter her milk." She doesn't comb her hair! She "schleps." Her pre-baby jeans still feel tight! OMG guys she's just like us! "Each week, I am deluged with invitations that offer an evening of glamour and, more importantly, adult talk... I've been invited in-store cocktail hours, intimate dinners, a weekend jaunt to a swanky new hotel in Miami, even a spa week at a tony Anguilla resort." Still just like us, right? Oh wait. [Cookie via Babble]